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I am passionate about educating dog owners and helping people build stronger, healthier relationships with their canine companions.  You and your dog(s) deserve to live a happy life together.

I offer two things: HOPE and HELP.

At Hardknocks K9, we provide behavior assessments, modification plans and rehabilitation for dogs of all sizes, breeds and with any history or problem.  We consider the whole picture: your dog's environment, temperament, energy level, caregiver's management style, what is and isn't working.


This is an entirely judgment-free zone. 

Dogs first.

At Hardknocks K9, we prioritize a calm, open-to-learning, state of mind for your dog.  We follow science-based principles of dog training and the art of learning patterns. 

We provide clients with the tools, knowledge and on-going support to communicate clearly with your dog.  Beyond long-lasting results, you will walk away with lifelong strategies that can be replicated.


We are open to using all humane training methods that are appropriate for the dog's specific circumstances, safety and training goals.

Best Friends
Training a Puppy

Been there. Done that.

It's not uncommon for us to work with dogs who have been through multiple trainers or who have completed "cookie cutter" obedience programs.  

You are here because it's time to level up. 

Expect different.

You will hear important truths about what needs to change, be ready and be open. I vow to be honest about expectations, practical guidance, my observations and the limits of what we can accomplish.

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