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Hardknocks K9


Specializing in behavioral consultations (for dogs) and connection-based leadership training (for humans).

Serving unruly, fearful, anxious and generally misunderstood dogs and the people who love them.

A big part of changing your dog's behavior involves understanding the world from their perspective.  It's time to flip whatever you think you know about dog training, on it's head.

This isn't about simply learning to "sit" or "stay". That will come, I promise.

This is about real connection and addressing real problems using the fundamentals of trust, respect, structure and leadership. We do this by teaching you and your dog how to communicate clearly and effectively. Your dog learns how to take direction and you learn exactly HOW and WHEN to give it. 

It is in those critical moments that real change begins.

Most importantly, I will serve as your guide and mindful observer.  Together, we will create an intentional plan to build your confidence and the skills necessary to transform your dog's state of mind and behavior. 

Behavioral assessment and training:

  • Inter-dog relationships and inappropriate play

  • On-leash reactivity

  • Aggression towards people or other animals

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Fearfulness

  • Noise Phobias

  • Attention seeking behavior or compulsive behaviors

  • Resource guarding



Hello! I’m Matthew Scott, owner/trainer here at HKK9. From an early age, I’ve had a strong appetite for dog training knowledge, not only methodology but the scientific study of dog behavior. I voraciously consumed stacks of books about canine behavior and spent countless hours studying any dog-related information I could get my hands on. I literally became a walking dog encyclopedia. 

I consider myself fortunate to have discovered my life’s passion along with my unique ability to effectively communicate ​with man’s best friend in a clear, effective, natural way.  This beneficial combination of skills has helped me develop a successful communication strategy that not only yields consistent results but is easily understood and replicated by my clients.

Today, I am still driven to continually learn and grow in my understanding of dog behavior and the dog-human connection, sparked by a passion to help the dogs who need it most and the people who are committed to caring for them

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Cracked Surface

"I’ll admit, when Matthew told me all he thought he could accomplish with our three dogs in one (albeit long) training session, I was a bit skeptical. Matthew came to our house today, and I am just floored at how much we all learned. Hands down the best thing I’ve spent money on all year. I thought one of my dogs was untrainable. Turns out, I was so very wrong. Don’t hesitate. Hire him now."

Valerie E.

Cracked Surface

"Even for someone like me, who has years of dog-handling experience, it’s beneficial to work with a specialist like Matthew, when you need next-level guidance or just an energy-reset. Dog rescue can be difficult emotional work and it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people who support you and share your vision. Matthew is a key part of our team and we’re thankful for his insightful perspective and skill."

Rise & Shine Pit Bull Rescue

Cracked Surface

I give Matthew 5 star rating! I was having issues with my two dogs where I was scared of them both being in the same room together because they would fight. Mathew came to my house and achieved so much in 3 hours. He helped me establish boundaries for them and this helped them get along. Now I can have both dogs out again at the same time and they now get along like they used to. No more fights and I am so happy and thankful for him! I would 100% recommend him to anyone.

Susan M.



The Ranch


Located in White Oak, NC (just outside of Fayetteville), The Ranch serves as a fully immersive training facility.  Here I will begin to teach your dog structure and boundaries in an enriching, enjoyable environment.

Rain or shine, our fully-climate controlled barn allows me to continue working with your dog, no matter the weather.

All Board & Train programs include private lessons, here at The Ranch, to ensure a seamless transition for you and your dog.


15369 NC-53 White Oak, NC



9:00AM - 7:00PM

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